China’s generation green

Co-produced with Allison Griner.

At age 32, Wang Jiuliang launched his career as an internationally-known filmmaker in one of the filthiest places in the world: the waste dumps surrounding Beijing.

It all began when Wang, newly graduated from university, returned to his rural hometown. He hoped to shoot a photography project in the countryside where he played as a child. What he found shocked him. “All the beautiful things from my memories were gone, replaced by something I could not accept,” said Wang. Waste had corrupted the landscape.

Back in Beijing, Wang – still angry about what he found in his childhood home – decided to investigate the garbage situation in China’s capital. As he watched the garbage trucks sputtering through his suburban neighbourhood, he came up with a plan: to follow his own garbage and see what happens to it. That would become the basis for his first documentary, Beijing Besieged by Waste.

Read the full story here.


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