Rolling like thunder – Meet Harrison Lee, yo-yo wizard

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I have always believed that what makes a performer great is not just talent, an almost obsessive attention to detail and a flawless execution. To me, the best performers are the ones who can convince audiences that there’s no effort involved in what they’re doing—that they, too, could be charming spectators onstage if they decided to. When I saw 15-year-old Burnaby-based yo-yo prodigy Harrison Lee perform, I instantly believed that the only difference between him and me was that he owned a yo-yo.

But as with many other great performers, Harrison has worked hard to hone his craft. When the 15-year-old first put his hands
on a yo-yo three-and-a-half years ago, he struggled. He watched countless YouTube video tutorials. He practiced tirelessly. Now, he’s a yo-yo master. And he’s constantly working to improve his skills.

Read the full story here.


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