On the prowl for Vancouver’s fist catfé


Big ideas often arrive when we least expect them. The ancient Greek physicist Archimedes, 
for example, discovered how to measure the volume of irregular objects while taking a bath.

Vancouver graphic designer Michelle Furbacher’s big idea didn’t strike in the bathtub. She was online when she stumbled upon
 a YouTube video of a cat café in Japan, where coffee shop patrons socialize with feline friends while sipping cappuccinos. A lover of both cats and coffee, Furbacher
was inspired by the twinning of the two worlds in the video. She set to work investigating how she could make it happen closer to home.

“I wanted to be able to go to a cat café,” she says. “But no one else seemed to be doing it. So, I just declared that I was going to do it.”

Read the full story here.


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